Cherry Creek Lacrosse Fundraiser, Glenmoor Country Club – Feb. 4th, 2012

Greg & Suzanne:As Co-Chairs of this year’s Cherry Creek Lacrosse Booster Club Silent Auction, we were looking for a new angle to make the experience for the attendees a memorable one.  When I hear about Just ShutterUP, we loved the concept and your your company delivered!  The set-up prior to the event was on time and flowed smoothly and when guests arrived at Glenmoor Country Club it didn’t take long for word to get around that Just ShutterUP was in the house!  I don’t know of anyone that didn’t make a trip to your exhibit for a fun and commemorative photo shoot and judging by the laughing and giggling coming from the booth, everyone was enjoying the Experience.  Thank you so much for helping us make the 2012 Fundraiser a HUGE Success!

Greg & Jan
Cherry Creek HS Lacrosse Booster Club